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5 Types of Dental Assisting Students: Which One Are You?

September 13, 2019

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a dentist and dental assisting working on a patientAs a student in dental assisting in Lebanon, it’s likely you’re still trying to discover your way around the material and how best you learn. For some, this is easy, but for others, it takes time. As you navigate your way through the program, you might find that you fall into one of the following 5 categories. Find out which type of dental assisting student you are!


Discover the Many Reasons Dental Assisting is a Good Career Choice

September 5, 2019

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a female dental assistantAs a child, did you frequently change what you wanted to be when you grew up? It’s likely you envisioned being everything from a teacher to an astronaut. As children, these dreams inspire you to learn about different aspects of the world, all culminating into one big decision you’ll make as an adult – your career choice. Whether you’ve spent years working in what you thought was your dream job or you’re just starting out, discover why enrolling in a dental assisting program in Westerville is the first step towards an exciting future career.


4 Benefits of Earning a DANB Certification After Completing Dental Assistant School

August 17, 2019

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a young woman working in a dentist officeIf you’re getting close to finishing dental assistant school, you’re probably looking ahead to earning your Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) Certification, right? If you want to have a successful career in the field of dentistry, this extra step and credential can put you on a lucrative path in a variety of ways. To find just how important earning your DANB is, here are 4 benefits you should consider when preparing for the exam.


Big or Small? Discover Which Type of Dentist Office Suits You Best While in Dental Assistant School

August 3, 2019

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Dental professionals working together in an officeWhile you’re still in dental assistant school, it would be in your best interest to determine which type of office you prefer. While many enjoy the hustle and bustle of large, busy offices, others lean more towards the smaller and more personalized settings. No matter which one you choose, you’ll be on stepping into a world that offers great success. Both types of dental offices can give you the experience you need, so there’s no wrong answer. But before you start applying for your first job, you might want to consider the different aspects of each office, so you know what to expect.


5 Things to Expect From a New Job After Completing a Hands-On Dental Assisting Program

July 17, 2019

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a dentist and dental assistant helping a young female patientIf you are preparing to wrap up your hands-on dental assisting program, you’re probably ready to get started on your new career as a dental assistant, right? Before you eagerly move forward, there are a few things you might find beneficial to know when starting a new job. Allow us to explain what you can expect, so you aren’t alarmed on your first day.


How a Dental Assisting Course Can Prepare You for a Career in the Field

July 6, 2019

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a dental assistant If you are taking a dental assisting course and currently pursuing certification, there are many things you should know before you take the leap of accepting your first job. As a new (or aspiring) dental assistant, you are always learning and can benefit from others who have been in the field for many years. To prepare yourself for a life in dentistry, here are a few career tips you might find beneficial.


Learn How a Hands-On Dental Assisting Program Creates Dental Assistants Who Impact Lives

June 10, 2019

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a dental assistant reviewing x-raysIf you think the dentist is the only person who has an important job in the dentist office, guess again. Keep in mind, the dental hygienist ensures the patient’s teeth are clean and in good shape, but the dental assistant aides in the process, too. Not only can they serve as a sounding board, but they ensure patients are comfortable and informed during their visit, all of which they learn how to do effectively as part of a hands-on dental assisting program. Find out how these integral members of every dental team keep patients coming back. (more…)

Discover How a Dental Assisting Course in Lebanon Can Help You Prepare for Your National Exam

June 2, 2019

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two female and a male aspiring dental assistantsIf you’re looking to become a dental assistant, you’re probably aware of the necessary step of passing your national boards, right? If you are unsure of what to expect, you’re in luck because there is a dental assistant course in Lebanon thank can help! Not only will you receive the important information you need to pass the exam, but you’ll be prepared and ready to serve your patients as a trained and highly skilled dental assistant! Find out what to expect on exam day and how you can calm your nerves before the big test.


Are You Almost Finished With Dental Assistant Training? Here Are 4 Ways You Can Beat The Stress Before Your Big Test

May 25, 2019

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person stressing over studyingEach day you get closer to completing your dental assistant training, you get more stressed about taking your big exam. You’ve never been a good test-taker, but you want to ace this exam and be able to help patients achieve great smiles they’re proud of. It doesn’t help that this feels like the biggest exam of your life. Even though you’ve been paying attention in all of your classes, you’re still worried about passing the DANB’s Certified Dental Assistant exam. Here are 4 tips and tricks to beat the stress and reduce your anxiety. (more…)

Are You Having These Reoccurring Dreams? Dental Assistant School May Be The Answer To Deciphering Them!

May 7, 2019

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career change signAfter sitting in an office for eight hours every day and feeling like you’re not contributing as much as you’d like to your community, your favorite part of the day is laying your head on your pillow for the night. As soon as you do, you dream of having a fulfilling job helping others boost their confidence and achieve their goals. Turn your dreams into a reality by attending dental assistant school! No two days will be the same, and the program only takes 10 Saturdays to complete! Read on to decipher your dental assistant dreams and take one step closer to feeling fulfilled. (more…)

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